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Our Philosophy
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Our Philosophy

Allergies are never the problem of a single organ (of eyes, nose or lungs, for instance). Allergic reactions are part of the immune response of humans and therefore always concern the whole body.
Since November 1, 2006 we therefore have formed a network of specialist's practices with extensive expertise and long-standing experience in the field of allergology.
Our medical practices work independently, but in particularly close interdisciplinary cooperation regarding the care of children and adolescents suffering from allergies.
Our specialists act upon the principles of evidence-based medicine, i.e. conscious and well-considered utilization of the results of current and scientifically sound studies on the diagnostics and therapy of allergic diseases.
The recommendations of relevant professional associations, particularly the EAACI, European Academy of Allergology and Clinical Immunology, of GINA (global initiativ for asthma) and the national Disease Management Guideline Asthma are therefore of particular significance for our actions.
The aim of the joint efforts of our network practices - in agreement with the guidelines of the EAACI - is to take care of affected children and adolescents in an
   ::   interdisciplinary
   ::   integral
   ::   possibly preventive manner, and
   ::   close to the their homes.
zu betreuen.
EAACI pamphlet "What parents need to know"
(PDF 1.9MB)
EAACI pamphlet "What physicians need to know"
(PDF 2.5MB)
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